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6-seater courtesy vehicle
Can-Am Traxter

To make life easier for our holidaymakers not equipped with 4x4s and wishing to spend a peaceful stay, the six-seater Can Am Traxter HD10 4x4 is available free of charge to holidaymakers at the Philomena chalet who so wish, subject to a deposit.

The use of the Can Am is limited:

  • from December to April (deposit: €2500): between the property (low and high car parks) and the free public car parks in the village of Le Plan located 1.5 km from the chalet:  

    • Plan general car park located at the entrance to the hamlet

    • ski lift car park on the snow front (ESF, ticket office)

  • from may to november(deposit: 1500€): only between the "high" car park of the property and the "low" car park where holidaymakers can park their own vehicles.


Note: 2 drivers maximum. Fuel to be paid at the end of the stay. Limited mileage.

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