Enjoy your holidays at Chalet Philomena with complete peace of mind, summer or winter, and whatever the weather conditions thanks to our SSV CAN-AM TRAXTER HD10

Due to its location at the start of the mountain pasture, the access to the chalet requires, in summer and in winter, the use of a four-wheel drive vehicle which must also be equipped with snow tires in winter (or even chains) .

  • Summer / winter: non 4WD vehicles cannot and must not climb the last 100 meters to the chalet (steep slope). They must park at the bottom of the property (2 parking spaces).

  • Winter: in the event of snow or ice, vehicles not equipped with snow tires (+ chains depending on weather conditions) must not take the path "Chemin des îles" which leads to the foot of the property (risk of spinning, skidding, delicate maneuvers in the event of crossing with another vehicle).

To make life easier for our guests, the Can Am Traxter HD10 six-seater 4x4 is made available to holidaymakers who do not have a 4WD vehicle against a security deposit of € 2,500 in winter or €1,500 in summer by bank transfer or virtual deposit by credit card imprint without debit (with service charges).

Its use is strictly limited:

  • from December to April the use of the Can Am Traxter HD10 is limited between the chalet and the parking lot in the village of Le Plan, located 1.5 km away (area impracticable in winter without a 4x4 equipped with snow tires)

  • from May to November the use of the Can Am Traxter HD10 is exclusively limited between the private parking of the chalet located at the bottom of the property (where holidaymakers can park their own vehicles) and the doors of the chalet.

Characteristics :

  • 6-seater cabin

  • 4 driving wheels

  • Studded tyres (in winter configuration, the Can Am Traxter HD10 is fitted with snowchains)

  • Soft and wide opening doors allowing access even with ski boots on (except driver)

  • Large volume loading skip for the trasnportation of skis, luggage, shopping

Any possible unavailability of the Can-Am upon the arrival of holidaymakers, for any reason whatsoever (breakdown, repair, etc.) cannot result in any discount on the rental price of the chalet.