COVID-19 cancellation protection valid only for reservations made directly with the owners

If governmental travel restrictions have been put in place relating to COVID-19 that would prevent the Guest from travelling to the property the Guest can cancel his stay within 7 days of these announcements and receive a refund of all sums already paid. However, if government restrictions were confirmed and the Guest was late in canceling his reservation, the Owner reserves the right to cancel the reservation without waiting for the Guest to come forward.


The government of the country of residence of the person in whose name the booking is made puts in place any of the following:

  • Introduces local lockdown measures preventing the Guest from leaving their local area.

  • Closes the countries border to all foreign travel.

  • Imposes a mandatory quarantine period on people returning from France, excluding a quarantine period on return from France due to a positive COVID test (concerns travelers who are not French residents on their return to their country of origin).


Or if any of the following applies:

  • The Guest is a non-French resident and the French border is closed.

  • The Guest is a non-French resident and The French National or Local Government introduces obligatory quarantine measures for guests arriving into France or the resort where the Guest has booked their stay.

  • French National or Local Government has introduced local or general lockdown measures which result in the Owner being unable to operate as a business.


If the Government Restrictions imposed, or the travel advice given by the French Government, or the Guests home/return country’s Government, changes part way through the Guests stay forcing the Guest to cut their stay short, a credit note or refund for any part of the Guests stay will not be issued. The Guest will need to claim on their travel insurance.


Concerns about future government restrictions being applied, a disinclination to travel because of COVID-19, or if the Guests travel arrangements (e.g flight, ferry or tunnel crossing, but not exclusive to) are cancelled for any reason other than those listed above then no refunds or credit vouchers will be issued and there will be no compensation payment.


If the Guests are showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive for COVID-19, provided that the Owner is “open for business” and can fulfill their contractual obligations, then the Owner accepts no liability or responsibility to issue refunds or credit notes and will not pay any other compensation. The Guest will need to make a claim on their travel insurance.


To cancel their reservation and ask for a refund the Guest must provide a link to an official government web site of the country that has applied the restriction where the justification for the Guests claim is clearly stated.


The Guest should take out travel insurance to cover medical situations related to COVID-19. If the Guest wishes to make a claim on their travel insurance then the Owner will supply any supporting documentation required.